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Introducing our law firm
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Helping you meet your own legal needs since 1996

What Can We Do
For You?

At Affordable “Non-Lawyer Solutions” our goal is to help you meet your “own” legal needs. We can assist you through the maze of legal documents and to-dos when you need guidance, but not a lawyer.


We can assist you with, and file the documents for, divorce, family matters, probate, and more, based on the information you provide.  All you have to do is show up for the hearing


We provide courier services and we’ll even handle all the court procedures for you too!

Call us, we can help you affordably.

How We Can Help


Wills, living trusts, power of attorney, health care surrogate designation, and living wills. 

Divorce & Family

All you have to do is provide the information and attend the hearing. We do everything else!

Including divorce, child support, custody, paternity action, modifications, and more. 

Real Estate

Deeds, evictions, residential leases, unlawful detainer, and more


Let us file everything for you, with or without a will so that you can get estates and property settled and adjudicated

Kimberly Temple and Rebecca Temple 



Attempting to prepare, organize and/or file legal documents can be overwhelming. That is why Kimberly and Rebecca Temple opened their office, to help people handle their own legal issues. 


Located in downtown Vero Beach, Affordable “Non-Lawyer” Solutions, Inc. is a document preparation service, located just east of the Indian  River County Courthouse providing services for the State of Florida.


Kimberly and Rebecca Temple are not lawyers. They are two of the few legal document preparers in the area who are degreed paralegals. Affordable "Non-Lawyer" Solutions uses documents approved by the Supreme Court of Florida and/or the Florida Bar Association, and purchase legal document software from the same sources as attorneys.


So go ahead, give them a call and see what Affordable "Non-Lawyer" Solutions can help you do. 


You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think." 

~ Christopher Robin

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What Our Clients Say

"They made everything so easy to understand and straightforward. We could never have taken care of our legal issues so quickly and so affordably with anyone else. 

Thank you, Kimberly!"

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